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Welcome to Battery Connections Plus of Jax / BCP of Jax.

I would like to introduce myself and business to yall. My name is Robert Smith and I own BCP of Jax. We are a battery store / service, we have batteries for most application and can deliver and install most applications.

I started this business out of the back of a pick up truck delivering and installing batteries in July of 2012. I had some friends and customers who had a hard time catching me and suggested I open a retail store to serve the public. In January of 2014 I opened the retail store at 5105-3 Philips hwy across from ABC roofing supplies.

1 of the best things to come out of the store is the help we are able to give people. Sometimes just information about their car. Being honest about a persons battery issues along with having the ability to diagnose starter, alternator and battery helps people make better decisions for their money.

I can't tell you how many times people have come up here and just had small issues with battery like terminal bad, terminal lose, ground issues and so forth we have been able to correct at no cost to customer. Then other times people come up to store and bought battery else where but don't understand warranty and able to help and direct them to get free replacement for their battery.

Here at BCP of Jax we aim to please with quality products with employees proficient in diagnosing battery, starter and alternator issues. This along with great pricing helps keep BCP of Jax moving forward in our path to help people with car problems.

Thanks for your time and look forward to serving all your battery needs in the future.


BCP of Jax., Inc.,

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