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Meet Patrick!

"Hello, my name is Patrick Dusenbery and I am the store manager for BCP of Jax. A little about me is I grew up here in Jacksonville, Florida. When it comes to being a manager here at Battery Connections Plus of Jax, I just love waking up and coming in to work. I take pride in the cleanliness of my store and the products we sell. I love to help people and working here I can do that. When it comes to selling batteries nobody wants to spend money they do not have to spend. So that is why we go through a couple of checks and see if a battery is what you need and if not we will let you know. We take pride in what we do here and our reputation of being the best at what we do. We want to help you with your battery needs, we hope you will come to see us and get the best battery service in town."🔋😊👍

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