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Golf cart battery chargers issues

Hello my name is Robert with BCP of Jax in Jacksonville, Fl., and I would like to talk to yall about chargers and the issues people are having.

It really doesn't matter about what battery you have 6 volt, 8 volt or 12 volt the principle of charging does not change.

A lot of people are coming to store saying the batteries they bought a few months ago are dead or bad. So we take a look at batteries and they are at full discharge. So we start to ask questions and most have newer chargers.

What is going on is most battery chargers do not have enough amps to charge the batteries in a 12 hour period or shorter.

We have seen chargers for sale with as low as 5 amps is charger out put. At 80% discharge with that charger it would take close to 3 full days to charge battery.

Most chargers the older one's are 21 amps which would allow for the batteries to be charged overnight and ready for next as has been standard.

There are some chargers at 13 amps. We have a suggestion for those guys with this charger. Depending on use just unplug charger on day not using cart and plug back in and let charge again. This will finish off charging for you.

Depending on use at least once a month or as much as once a week depending on use.

So before you go out and buy new batteries check that your charger is doing the job to charge your batteries for best performance and longevity.

Please check your battery water regularly for long life and while checking the water check connections. Doing this on regular basis will help you extend battery life while enjoying your carts best performance it can for lowest cost of operation.



BCP of Jax., Inc.,

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